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As someone who often has a hard time receiving criticism of my work, this class helped me to become more accustomed not to take constructive feedback too personally, and as a result I believe I have become a better writer. Overall, I believe this course strengthened my critical thinking, writing, and communication skills in a way that only a course structured in this way could.

Calderwood Seminars are offered to juniors and seniors as upper-level courses within disciplines or in interdisciplinary majors, sometimes serving as capstone experiences. The seminars encourage students to make use of the knowledge they have gained in previous courses to tackle both familiar and unfamiliar topics related to their majors as they work to discover their voices.
First-years and sophomores also have much to gain from Calderwood Seminars. If the learning that accompanies public writing is valuable to students as they prepare for life after college, it is equally valuable for students as they move through their college years. Calderwoods geared toward these students rely less on prior academic training while still encouraging them to formulate their own opinions and find their voices.
“I have seen my writing go from bland and academic to colorful and dynamic.”
– Northern Arizona University student

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